Thousands of Food Bloggers turned eBay Sellers

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Thousands of Food Bloggers turned eBay Sellers

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What's with so many food bloggers turning eBay sellers lately? I know at least 4-5 such food bloggers personally. Yes, they all are great at what they do the best - eating food, taking its pictures and then writing how good, bad or average it was, but selling on eBay is not for them.

The funniest thing is that none of those whom I personally know are into selling food related items but rather cheap gadgets and electronics imported from China, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea and selling the same to the US public, which it already is fed up of.

What's your take on this? Are you personally familiar with any food blogger turned eBay seller personally, especially in the past year or so?

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Thousands of Food Bloggers turned eBay Sellers

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Yes , Ebay fully aware and closed all the cases in my favour.

That will be all I guess , buyer will still bid and trade so hopefully other sellers on here will at least be aware of the situation

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The Sellers and EBay Auctions forum no longer seems to serve a useful purpose and in fact seems to give these sellers the publicity they want. Because of those reasons, we have decided to shut the forum down. We may revisit this issue in a year or so, but for now, we think the best thing to do is to just close the forum.

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