Channel Flats at 20% the Real Price LOL

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Channel Flats at 20% the Real Price LOL

Post by eBay4life »

Just came across this Chinese website that was supposedly selling fake CHANEL Flats at 20% of their US MSRP, but they didn't even know how to spell it right. The title read 'New Channel Flats for $100 - All Sizes and Shapes'.

I am still laughing my ass off.

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Re: Channel Flats at 20% the Real Price LOL

Post by Simrantuli04 »

Yea... That's how you get to know that they are fake 😂

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Channel Flats at 20 the Real Price LOL

Post by JosephBub »

I was looking at their roster this morning and I noticed that Coach Nofzingers daugher Ashlei has transferred from Loyola to BG to play for Coach Van De Walle.

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Post by Steviecak »

Hi, are they always available? How much you would want it ?
And the photo is not visible any more, would it be possible that you puts back her ?

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